Sandra Garupe "This song is about commitment issues"

Sandra Garupe, a Belarusian artist who has released 'Let me' at fall-up recordings after other great tracks "What's up baby " , "Celebrating life" , "hope" and many more. ( those are not released with FUR)

The real talent of her is that she does do everything by herself, from the first letter of her lyrics until the last note of the productions.

In this article you will find out what 'let me' is about and what inspired her.

"This song is about commitment issues"

Sometimes you’re just too traumatized from your past experiences and right now you’re too afraid to make a steps. But someday comes the right person and he/she healed you. But still… one more step you have to do with your own inner power, help yourself. This song is about being mature, knowing where you’re going, why you’re going, being full of strength. The sound of Sitar makes me feel the past, which grateful for. The future bass sound makes me step in the bright amazing future where I belong to.

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