Rashel: “It's hard to be an artist, but I don't want anything else for myself”

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The young Ukrainian-Arab singer Rachel Daud will present her new video the other day and begin cooperation with the Belgian label Fall-up recordings . We decided to meet with Rachelle and talk to her about her creative path, her experience with a producer, the pro's and contra's of free swimming.

About creativity

The first time I went on stage at the age of 6 at a reporting concert of the Kharkov music school. It was at that moment that I firmly decided that I wanted to connect my life with music. I remember those emotions to this day: a small stage, parents and children in the hall, I stand with a microphone and a bow, bigger than my head.

It's amazing that the title of the song that I performed that evening completely flew out of my head. But I still close my eyes and remember those same goosebumps and a wave of warmth spreading over my body from the applause. Then I felt myself at the top of the world, as if I had known the very “heavenly pleasure” that Bounty marketers are so actively promoting.

And since then, every time I go on stage and pick up the microphone, I am again covered with this wave. Can you imagine? I have been doing this for 17 years, and every time, like the first. Genuine delight.

About Nadezhda Meikher

It all happened like in a fairy tale about Cinderella. In 2017, my dad met Nadezhda in the lobby of one of the Kiev hotels. He did not hesitate to approach her and said that his eldest daughter sings and he thinks that she (me) sings good, and Nadia and I have something to talk about. I think Nadya was a little taken aback by his straightforwardness and therefore agreed to meet with me and get to know me. A couple of days later I arrived in Kiev and stayed here for three and a half years.

Nadia became a real mentor for me. Remember the Hunger Games? When the winner of the previous competition teaches you how to survive in the arena. Somewhere in the same way, Nadia taught me to remain myself in the world of Ukrainian show business. I still remember how she told me at the very beginning of our collaboration: “It is very easy to lose yourself in the pursuit of fame. But it is much more valuable to remain true to yourself and your inner ideals . "

I am grateful for everything that we have experienced together and for the fact that she believed in me and supported me at the very start. I was 19 years old, I came to the capital from Kharkov and did not understand the local laws at all. If I ended up in some large production center, where, for example, they shaved me baldly and made me jump across the stage in my panties and open my mouth under the plywood, then I would probably agree with fright. (laughs)

For Nadia it was the first experience in producing, for me the first experience in a solo career, and on this we agreed. She helped me with the choice of costumes, songs, stage images. I took part in the discussion of ideas for the video with the director, introduced me to Stas Shurins (winner of the Star Factory-3), who still writes songs for me. She advised how to behave on stage and in dealing with the press. Nadia has tremendous experience of how to be an artist, and during our cooperation, she tried to convey her knowledge to me as much as possible.

About cooperation with M1

After the start of our work, Nadia was offered to lead the project on M1. And at the same time she decided to tell that she has a ward singer, with whom she would not mind introducing them. Since then, the three of us have started working: with Nadia as a producer and with M1agency as a PR support.

After some time, Nadia decided to focus more on her personal projects and handed me over to the full custody of M1. With the agency, we released the Ukrainian-language track "Yangoli" and played two concerts: "Big Wedding" at the Song Festival Grounds and a group concert at Atlas. It was an incredible experience. To stand on the same stage with the artists whom you had previously seen on TV, and sang some songs in childhood in a comb, imagining that in front of you are a crowd of thousands, and not teddy bears.

We have been working with М1agency for about a year. Then our contract ended and I decided to take a break to think about where I want to move next. The quarantine had just begun, I packed my things, left my apartment in Kiev and left for my native Kharkov to think about the future.

About solo swimming

Now I have a new team of talented and creative people with whom I work. Each is an expert in his field, and I trust each of them as I trust myself. We discuss everything together, come up with and implement ideas, laugh at the garbage that sometimes happens. And this is very important in our creative work: if there is a fakap, do not run and look for the culprit, throwing off all the bumps on him. And laugh at the problem, solve it and move on without any offense.

Now I have a manager, sound producer and PR agent. We have been together for two months and during this time we have already released two tracks and a video: “Break Into” and “Choose”, and very soon the third composition “Invisible” will be ready. We also decided to slightly change the arrangement of the previously released "Stay with Me" and "Yangoli" and release all 5 songs in my first solo album. That is to say, to mark the first milestone of my career.

About working with a label

We recently signed a contract with the Belgian label Fall-up recordings . Dave (label director) found me on Instagram himself and offered to work together. At first I reacted with skepticism to such a proposal. After all, we all know what is usually offered to girls on social networks under the guise of “promising cooperation”. However, Dave was persistent enough to say that he liked my work and would like to promote me in Europe. He has a young label that works with artists of different genres from pop to EDM and he would gladly help me with promotion in the West.

We had several joint calls with the team, after which we signed a contract. And now Break Into can be heard on European radio stations. It is surprising!

Career cons

When you start to be creative, you begin to understand the meaning of the phrase “an artist must be hungry” in a new way. In order to release your music, do what you like, not what the ratings and trends dictate. To develop independently as an artist, you need a lot of financial investments. Writing a text, putting it to music, recording it all and making an arrangement, filming a video, replicating the finished material and making sure it gets into the right hands - it all costs money. But investments do not begin to pay off soon. In order to start performing with your program, you need at least 3-5 songs. And so that these songs are heard.

I am very grateful that I have a family that supports me, a team and a loving and understanding young man. If I were alone, then all this would be much more difficult to implement. However, I have a goal, I want to find my listener, I want to delight and surprise him with my music. I want to perform on stage and conquer more and more new creative heights. And for this I am ready to work day and night and invest everything that I have. It's difficult to be an artist, but I don't want anything else for myself.

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