The event sector is under pressure, especially now with the covid-19 situation. Many alternatives are available for music lovers , from events to festivals, concerts, etc. Since they only can spend their money once, music lovers take a critical approach to clubs/concerts and loyalty is at risk.

And DJ‘s/artists that are not egocentric, are willing to handle multiple music styles and ask a fair price for their work are hard to get.


Looking for DJ’s/artistq that help you retain and expand visitors to your club or event?

Fall-up Recordings can help you find and book professional and experienced DJ’s and bands, interested in your visitors and ready to do what is needed to get your audience enthusiastic. 

Fall-up Recordings offers the following services to club/concert hall owners and festival organisers looking for DJ’s/bands that make a difference:

•Analyses of your audience. If you need “something better” or “something different” we want to know what that is.

•Proposals for one or more DJ’s/bands including their training and performance track record and fee.

•Contracting. We will negotiate on your behalf with DJ’s and draw up a contract to clarify obligations and rights for both parties.

•Evaluation and feedback. We appreciate to receive your comments and suggestions to improve the performance


Send us a mail and we will contact you to discuss your needs and expand further on what we and the DJ’s/Bands we represent have to offer.


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