Welcome on the official page of Fall-up Recordings!


Fall-up recordings is a brand new record label that supports all EDM and Pop-music genres.
Wether it is deep-house, Techno , Hardstyle or pop-music , everything is welcome!

The goal of this label is to support unknown artists with great hidden talents,
to show the world their passion and skills.



Mission & vision 



Our mission is to help people express their emotions with EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) and POP-music.



Fall-Up recordings is on its way to become a well-known and respected platform to inform and entertain people who love music.




Below the most important values for "Fall-up ” are listed.



The bases for Fall-up Recordings is friendship. Friends are loyal to each other, that is to say, they accept from each other that they have different backgrounds, differ in age and have diverse skills. A common drive - passion for music - and an open mind enable the collaboration between them and facilitate keeping up a positive spirit, despite of the fact that they see certain things differently.



Although the music industry is a very competitive field and a mature business, this does not mean that it is forbidden to be friendly and have fun. On the contrary, a sense of humor is required to keep a certain distance of serious matters, trouble to find the right people and step over disappointments. 



The owner of Fall-up recordings take initiative and feel responsibility to bring the company further. He and his team keep going were others stop. Seek help from others when needed, with just one goal: Make Fall-up  robust and stable entity, prepared for the future.